In the beginning 2005, a little show was born.  It ran for several years on the radio and internet.  The show was originally started to help the UMRA at the request of Ron Combs a board member of the race series. He came to me and asked if there was anything that I could do help the UMRA. So I started a radio show that featured the UMRA.   In order to support the show many National known drivers were interviewed.   After,  I left the radio station the show was discontinued.  I picked it back up on my own at LETSGORACIN.NET.  And, I also realized that my  heart is still with the dirt track racers and their stories.   The small tracks are the heart of racing and their stories are the best!

OOInInterview History of Let's Go Racin',  by Peggy Brown

Kasey Kahne

Tony Stewart

Nelson Stewart

Pam Boas

Steve Kinser

Jason Willis

Ron Combs

Steve Barnett

Willie Sallee

Richard Petty

Kenny Schrader

Kenny Wallace

Aaron Oakley

Terry Eaglin

Ralph Lane

Donna Lane

Josh Wise

Levi Jones

Tracy Hines

Eric Fehrman

Bob Fehrman

Michael Waltrip

Gary Lee

Robert Nichols

Bob Nichols

Terry Goff

Jason Goff

Nick Speidel

Jason Setser

Johnny Goff

Betty Goff

Gary Herbert

Kyle Herbert

Daryl Herbert

Jon Steed

Joey Paxson

Aaron Percell

Charlie Dwenger

Joan Dwenger

Mel Kenyon

Larry Rice

Roger Williams

Ryan Newman

Bryan Clauson

Keith Kuntz

Dakota Armstrong

Brandon Burkart

Calllie Wolsiffer

Matt Hedrick

Travis Stickles

Janet Guthrie

Butch Wilkinson

Rick Robinson

Renee Mannning

Billy Daniels

Robbie Roland

Eddie Money

John Berry

Mel Harpring

Ron Harpring

Bobby Dewitt

Corey Eaglin

Billy Winesman

Craig Eaglin

Scott Wimmer

Schyler Brown

Dave Blaney

Lynn St. James

Lloyd Ruby

Ron Ambrose

Tom Carnegie

Terry LeBonte

Bobby LeBonte

Ray Everham

Kyle Lux

DJ Sweet

Troy Clark

John Martin

Judas Bowling

Shawn Negangard

JT Stapp

Mark Frazier

Chris Deweese

Becky Brown

David Miller

Scott Petry

Jason Leffler

Scott Zipadelli

Richard Childress

Derek Fisher

Kirby Petry

Andrew Prather

​Kenny Byrge

Chad Hankins

Sandy Lowe

Jay Drake

Tad Cheek

Tate Martz

Wayne Harpring

A.J. Nigh

CP & Sherrie Roark

Brad Barrow

Don Sturgeon

Brandon Carr

Todd Harvey

Bob Anderson

Mark Anderson

Tom Wick

Dave Darland

Cory Kruseman

Brad Hockaday

Bill Moore

Patrick Wolf

Kevin Rice

Bobby Walton

Steve Leisure

Dale Burge

Pat Weber

Brent Londeree

Ray Sweet

Trent Collins

Jamin Tuttle

Ken Jone

 Brent Sweeper

Paul Leisure

Sue Collins

Jay Kenyon

Rex Hewitt

Chad Cunningham

Ervin Turner

Jami Halsey

Dickie Gaines

Darren Hague

Mat Nealy

Ted Hines

Warren Lucas

Travis Cook

Keith Wrigh

Tim Reece

Tim Lynch

Phil Marcum

Nathan Wallpe

Steve King

Shannon Baab

Christian Rayburn

Sam Diggers

Dennis Erb

Heather Line

Wendall Wallace

Randy Korte

Jeep Van Wormer

Kevin Alford

Jason Vest

Jeremy Rainwater

Cecil Kidwell

Jeff Blande

Greg Soouthern

Tim Wolfe

Nelson Gingery

Clay Ellison

Gary Hume

Eric Smith

Scott Grace

Matt Graham

Brad Barker

Rupert Boneham

Sam Hornish Jr.

PJ Chesson

Flamin Raymond Sallee

Dave Bowman

Joie Ray

Jerry Castor

Mitch Smith

Jerry Frickman

Jimmy Shine

Larry Dixon 

Tim & Paul Stone

Gary Bettenhousen

Tom Bigelow

CJ Rayburn

Tyler Kramer

Will Nedderman

Tony Ferrell

Mike Wine

Rich Corson

Brad Colman

Colin Braun

Mike Farr

Chub Franks

Curt Martin

Kertus Davis

Samuel Hubinette

Matt Chambers

Marni Matz

Steve lewis

Paul McMahan

Amy Tripp

​Greg Bifle

Mark Martin

Martin Truex Jr

Clint Bowyer

Bill France

Jimmie Johnson

Carl Edwards

Zach Cougill

Brian & Cory Ross

Josh Kamplin

Kyle Petty

Mary Herbert

Denny Hamlin

Tom Stickles

Sam Hankins

Russ Hankins

Ray Leisure

Norm Trowbridge

Frank Solenberg

Don Cumberberg

Chuck Smith

Gary & Evelyn Byers

Wilma Mock

Steve Hess

Ron Linville

Anthony Lloyd

Jeremy Lloyd

Bruce Lloyd

Jason Knoke 

Carl Wagner

Jimmy Powers

Colin Ambrose

Lee Brock

Ron Hamn

Mark Kinsr

David Veerkamp

Randy Gilland

Warren Lucas

Don O'Neal

Brayton Leisure

Anthony Lawerence

Caleb Faulkner

Diane Speidel

Devin Fairchild

Tony Ogle

Chris Baue

Eric Dover

Stephen Arnold

Teresa Nall

​Johnny Buck


Promo card from the original Let's Go Racin' Show on WTRE, Peggy Brown and Matt Schiedler

The objective is to give the fans, drivers and race teams the fanfare they deserve.

This site is about helping to make everyone a winner. The fans the race teams and drivers, the promoters and the sponsors.  I want everyone to have excitement and a great time at the events. The kind of excitement that makes people want to know when the next event is before they leave the track.  

I want to help the fans interact with the drivers and teams.  During the off season I will be visiting the garages to keep the fans in the loop.

Probably the most important is the younger generation, the kids.  Let's help the kids to enjoy the events and have wonderful memories that last a life time.

For the most part this page will be providing information and fanfare from the dirt tracks.  And, for the most part TQ's!


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