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Congratulations to Nick Speidel for his heat and feature win at the Brownstown funfest this weekend! Fans the S on the front of Nick's racing suit stands for more than Speidel or Simpson, Nick is a Super race car driver, and a Super Man. he not only went from the back of the pack to the front in one lap in his heat and continued on to win the heat, he also won his feature. To top that he made two other people's individual dreams come true too! Dustin Wheeldon wanted to see his car in victory lane and Nick did just that. On top of that Nick had his baby #21 tore down and ready for the winter when he heard that Schyler Brown wanted to drive a car this weekend for the very first time. Nick worked countless hours to put his #21 back together and take a BIG chance on Schyler Brown not to damage his perfect car. Nick got his wins but more than that so did Dustin and Schyler. Dustin got his car parked in victory lane and Schyler had a safe, clean first ride in a TQ. Thank you Nick Speidel and team for touching our lives in a big way!

  • Schy and Nick feature2:03

Thank you Kimmie Williams for Photos!

  • Nick Speidel heat win Browns2:35

  • Schyler Brown Heat race1:29

Congratulations to Nick Speidel and Dustin Wheelden on TQ Heat & Feature Win!

Kent Lane, Diane Speidel, Nick Speidel, Kimmie Williams

LETSGORACIN.NET crowned their 2015 Miss Let's Go Racin Miranda Ryle at the Greensburg Fall Nationals.  Mel Harpring the first UMRA Champion assisted with the first crowning of Miss Let's Go Racin'.  Skyler Spiedel held the tiara carefully on a 1950's Indy 500 pillow during the ceremony.   Peggy Brown searched the dirt track counties all season to find the perfect Miss Let's Go Racin' to represent LETSGORACIN.NET in parades, trophy presentations and fanfare.  She was proud to crown Miranda Ryle as the first Miss Let's Go Racin',  In addition to beauty, personality and intelligence, Miranda has racing DNA!  Look for Miranda during the 2016 race season in parades and making appearances at race events1

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Kyle Rodgers

John Mayor

Chris Baue

Bob McClure

Tony Ogle

Austin Perry

Willie Sallee

Craig Eaglin

Joey Paxon

Mick Paxon

​​Let's Go Racin' at the Brownstown Funfest 2015 from the Pits! The big dogs were there, listen to the interviews posted here to learn some of the inside info from the pits!

Greensburg Fall Nationals Fanfare with LETSGORACIN.NET