#18B -Bobby DeWitt's beautiful car suffered some damage from the accident he was involved in with Chris Baue.  He tried to get it back together in the BMain but he didn't get to make the feature!

Chris's car was removed by wrecker from the track after the heat race accident.  He didn't return back to the track.  Hopefully the car he was driving owned by Leslie Souviner (#70) is easily repaired!

  • Robbie out of the darkness campus walk 2016.mp30:25

  • Eric Dover0:54

  • Terry Eaglin1:33

  • Bryan Clauson1:30

Bryan Clauson Rules this Show!

UMRA King of the TQ Midgets    Feature Starting Line up 

        Brownstown Speedway       March 26. 2016


Eric Dover

Schyler Brown

Anthony Lawrence

​Bill Brinker

Elijah Setser

  • Jason Setser1:00

UMRA King of the TQ Midgets Kick off their 2016 season at the Brownstown Speedway!

Dad asked and Mom said, "YES"!

Caleb Faulkner #83 came in first in the BMain and that qualified him to be in the feature.  The #83 Polytechnic TQ's rear tire picked up something on the track and went flat.  Better luck next time to this hard charger!

Rookie Schyler Brown #10 from Greensburg,  Team Speidel.  Currently 13th in the points standings. Photo contributed by Brandon Burkhart.

Race fans did you know that if you go to the Brownstown Speedway and pay to get into the grandstands and then decide to go to the pits you just go and pay Tom and you are in the pits!

 You will find him sitting in the grandstand area near the pit gate.

  • Caleb Faulkner2:31

  • Aaron Percell1:17

1. JASON SETSER ‪#‎12S‬- 35 
2. JASON GOFF#96- 34 
3. MATT HEDRICK#33- 32 
4. DAVE DARLAND#15G- 31 
5. JOHNNY GOFF#19- 30 
7. RON COMBS#14- 26 
9. COREY EAGLIN#15- 24
12. ERIC DOVER #42 (R) 20
13. ROBBIE ROLAND #25 18
13. BILLY WINSEMAN #98 (R)18
13. DAN NEWELL #11 18
13. SCHYLER BROWN #10 (R) 18
18. ELIJAH SETSER ‪#‎50S‬ (R) 14
20. RICK ROBINSON #12 12
21. BOBBY DEWITT ‪#‎18B‬ 10
21. BILL BRINKER #17 (R) 10
21. CODY KIEWITT#60 10
21. CHRIS BAUE #70 10
21. JOHN MASTIN ‪#‎4M‬ 10

Check out Steve Arnold, if there was an award last Saturday for Showmanship, I beleive Steve would have been worthy. New Graphics and his fire suit matches perfectly!  Do you need graphics?  GSH Graphics in Columbus Indiana can fix you up too!  Tell them Steve sent you!

Elijah Setser # 50s from Columbus IN.  He finished 4th in his heat race the first night out!  

TSR Team Ron Combs and Callie Wolsiffer finished 6 & 7 in the feature! With Callie finishing in front of Ron!  Photo contributed by Brandon Burkhart.

Rookie Eric Dover # 42 is a member of the Goff Team.  Eric is from Fortville, IN.  His current standing in points is 12th place.

Brownstown Speedway No Way Out 40   March 26, 2016

  • Jason Goff1:49

UMRA King of TQ's (26 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jason Setser, Matthew Hedrick, Callie Wolsiffer, Corey Eaglin, Rick Robinson, Caleb Faulkner, Brandon Tweedy, Eric Dover, Stephen Arnold

HEAT TWO: Robbie Rolland, Dave Darland, Anthony Lawrence, Elijah Setser, Aaron Percell, Bobby Dewitt, Chris Baue, John Mastin, Billy Winsemann

HEAT THREE: Jason Goff, Johnny Goff, Ron Combs, Dan Newell, Schyler Brown, Bill Brinker, Devin Fairchild, Cody Dewitt

B-MAIN: Caleb Faulkner, Brandon Tweedy, Devin Fairchild, Eric Dover, Billy Winseman, Cody Dewitt, Bobby Dewitt, Bill Brinker, John Mastin-DNS, Stephen Arnold-DNS

FEATURE: Jason Setser, Jason Goff, Matthew Hedrick, Dave Darland, Johnny Goff, Aaron Percell, Callie Wilsiffer, Ron Combs, Corey Eaglin, Brandon Tweedy, Eric Dover, Anthony Lawrence, Billy Winsemann, Schyler Brown, Dan Newell, Devin Fairchild, Caleb Faulkner, Robbie Roland, Elijah Setser, Rick Robinson

Jason Setser 12s

​UMRA King of TQ 1st Heat & Feature Winner

Bryan had a busy weekend, wins the Brownstown Speedway No Way Out 40 and gets engaged !

I chatted with Dave a few times but he was too busy to take time to do an interview.  He not only drove the TQ and the Sprint in the same night, he also was working on the Sprint.  But, I did record his Sprint car!

  • Steve Arnold2:22

Aaron Percell #48 had a good run but he ended up with a flat tire too!  He still managed to make it from 14th to 6th iin the feature!  

My favorite picture of the night two living legends, 15X UMRA Champion Terry Goff and Dave Darland.  

Terry is crew chief for the Midget car for Dave Darland.  Since they were not running the Midget, Dave opted to run Terry's TQ and he also drove his Sprint car in the Brownstown No Way Out 40!

Heat #3 - Jason Goff # 96, and placed 2nd in the feature!  Jason pictured to the right in the gray sweatshirt at the driver's meeting.  Look for Jason all season in the #96 Goff car.  His father  is 15x UMRA Champion Terry Goff .

      Fanfare and Promotions

  • Darland's Sprint0:36

Bryan wins the Brownstown Speedway No Way Out 40, Listen to Bryan's post race interview!

Heat 2 winner Robbie Roland in the Petry Excavating #25.  Robbie had mechanical issues in the feature. The TQ was over heating so he pulled off the track to prevent damage to the motor.

  • Tom Burton0:59

Rookie Anthony Lawrence #11L is currently in 10 place in the points for the UMRA King of the TQs

  • Bobby DeWitt1:01

Let's Go Racin' 

2016   Rookies

  • Robbie Roland0:41

Rookie  Bill Brinker  #17 ,  from  Greensburg had a little trouble keeping his car right side up in the BMain.  I don't know exactly what happened but I am sure Bill felt that the next day!

Congratulations  Bryan and Lauren on your engagement!

Bryan after his win at Brownstown Speedway, looking like a Super Hero!

Our 2015 UMRA King of the TQ's Midget Champion Robbie Roland voiced a PSA for this event!  You can join Elliott Green's team or start your own team.  Elliott is walking in memory of his brother.  Elliott is a member of Team Hedrick #33.  .What: 2016 AFSP Greensburg Out of the Darkness Campus Walk for Suicide Prevention. 
When: May 21, 2016 11 am registration 12-2 walk
Where: Greensburg High School Track
Why: Walkers raise money for Suicide Prevention efforts
To Register: www.afsp.org