Let's Go Racin' 

      Fanfare and Promotions

  • Trent Henderson0:14

  • Pat Weber 9 27 150:48

Becky Brown's #53 TQ has returned to the dirt, under the care of Pat Weber, better know behind the wheel of his stock car!

Frustrated ​Bobby DeWitt, works on all the Eaglin cars to keep every one racing and he admits he made a Rookie mistake that prevented him from finishing the feature!

Hey have you got 15 seconds, then listen to Trent's interview!  He was in a much better mood at the drivers meet and greet the night before the Dwenger Memorial when he gave a fan his visor from the kindness of his heart!

  • Bobby DeWitt 18B 9 27 151:01

  • Kirby Petry2:11

If you are a TQ fan then you know Kirby's dad, Scott Petry, he is a hard charger.  Looks like he must have turned the wheel over to his son Kirby.  This guy watched, learned and listened to his dad and crew chief Terry Goff at the Dwenger Memorial,   From 20th spot to 3rd in the feature is a good nights work. Congratulations Kirby!