Let's Go Racin' 

      Fanfare and Promotions

Dwenger Memorial 2014, Ron Combs proud feature champion.  Joan and Charlie Dwenger and our little princesses and flag men!

July 16, 2007 GDN article, Combs win 2007 Dwenger Memorial.writer Adam Kirchoff

  • Joan and Charlie Dwenger part 111:46

  • Brandon Burkhart7:59

  • Terry Eaglin Sept 17, 20153:52

Ron Ambrose, The  Dwenger Team with driver Rick Bailey.

  • B & A Seal Coating0:12

Dick Dwenger

Mel Harpring, 1961 UMRA  1st Champion with Joan Dwenger and Alexis Fehrman at the 2014 Dwenger Memorial

  • Tim Reece1:35

  • part 3 Joan & Charlie Dwenger12:26

Larry Dwenger

Terry Eaglin, UMRA King of TQ Midget Promoter, Charlie Dwenger, Joan Dwenger at WTRE Radio Station for promoting Dwenger Memorial and Greensburg Fall Nationals 2015

Terry Goff 15X UMRA Champion with Joan Dwenger

Tony Stewart and Larry Dwenger GDN article May 25, 1996.

  • Terry Eaglin Sept 3 15.mp35:17

Robert Nichols Jr. April  10, 1963 -August 8, 2009

Ron Combs after his 2014 Dwenger Memorial win, with Joan Dwenger, he gave her the trophy from the kindness of his heart.

  • HARF Klienarts5:00

GDN article the week leading up to the 2005 Dwenger Memorial, writer, Michelle Manchir

  • part 2 Joan & Charlie Dwenger10:39

  • JT Stapp Tree City Tornado10:29

Robert Nichols won the first Dwenger Memorial in 1994. The Goff Team owns six of the wins 1997-1999-2001( Oogie Goff), 1998-2005-2009 (Terry Goff ) - 2006 Eric Fehrman - 2007 Ron Combs. Does anyone know what year Ron Ambrose won the Dwenger Memorial or any other drivers that may have won? 

  • Mel Harpring 16:47