Let's Go Racin' 

      Fanfare and Promotions

Johnny Buck #14 from Franklin, IN is  4X Indiana State Lawn Mower Demo Champ!

Can you tell he is a big Tony Stewart fan?  Listen to both of his interviews of the evening and once again you will see that racing is a family affair.

  • Austin Schoettmer1:31

The Decatur County 4-H Fair board brought JR Rouse Promotions Halloween Havoc to Greensburg on October 24.  The rain tried, but it could not Stop the racing action!

Shawn Long fought hard all of the way through the demo and finished in 2nd place to his son-in-law.  And, I don't even think he minded one bit to finishing 2nd to his daughter's husband.  Seems only fair to him, since he won the last feature and Randy was 2nd.  Great Team and Great Fun!

Thank you to Mrs. Perry for photo!

  • Randy Perry 073:53

  • Johnny Buck after feature3:36

  • JR Rouse3:47

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Randy Perry is the Demo Feature winner of the Halloween Havoc!  Listen to his interview to find out what the FBI stands for on the front of his shirt!  And Check out the picture below to see what he did to his father-in-laws demo car!  Randy won the feature and his father -in-law came in 2nd place.  This demo had mud, rain, flames flying and a lot of hard knocks!  

  • Johnny Buck b4heat0:44

F.B.I.Team Rules~Two weeks in a row, Feature & 2nd Place!

LETSGORACIN.NET fanfare at the Greensburg Nationals!  

  • Shawn Long2:49