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Twin Cities Raceway Park Practice


Austin Perry, #22 Sponsor Drain Master, Tony Ogle!  

​Here he is racers, King of the Track last night!  Why?  Casey Shuman is living the racer's dream.  He races all over the country including Australia.  And has managed to do so for the last 15 years.  Franklin Equipment is making sure he can continue to do so this year.

Listen to his interview and you will realize right a way that this is not his first rodeo.  Professional driver,  excellent at interviews and watching him drive last night he is fast, smooth, and consistent at his driving.  Look for Casey next week in the Brownstown No Way Out 40 in the Sprint car #4J.

Hornet Drivers #22 & #33 are Step Brothers and they will be exciting to watch them compete this 2016 race season.  Will big brother lead the way for young driver Hunter?  Or, can Hunter out drive big bro?  

  • April Perry1:21

April Perry is the welcoming smiling face you will find at the Twin Cities Raceway Park Pit Gate.  She is a racer, and has a lot of experience driving the Hornets.  She is the daughter and wife of racers.  And, what I find very interesting is she is the mother of a 14 year old racer.  Hunter (14 years old) is in his second year of racing.  You will spot him behind the wheel of the blue #33 Hornet this season. 

  • Casey Shuman2:08



​               812-593-0862

The gates opened and the racers and fans flooded in, this is going to be a great race season for the Twin Cities Raceway Park, North Vernon, IN !

  • Willie Sallee1:22

"All your auto image needs"

R & R  ( Rest & Relaxation) nope not for these two!  Rick and Renee are the heart and soul of the Twin Cities track and they are not going to find anytime to sit back and relax this race season, after seeing last nights practice.  This has got to be the best turn out for the first practice session of the year ever.  If last nights turn out is any indication of what the 2016 race season holds as far as numbers in racers and fans is....... well fair warning.....race fans arrive early at each event in order to secure the best seat in the grandstands that you can find.  Sit back buckle in and you are going to get a big bang for your buck this year!  Could be that gas prices are down and race action is up.  Sorry if you missed last nights action.  But, according to R & R, the fun has just started and there will be more practice sessions this year and a whole lot more racing!

  • Austin Perry1:56

  • Rick and Renee1:20

Race fans you are always welcome in Willie Sallee's Pit, feel welcome to always stop in to say, "Hi " to Popcorn and go a head and ask for his autograph he won't mind a bit.  The nicest racer ever and a fan favorite

Thunder in the valley !

Check out Willie Sallee's new race car!  Fast Fast Fast, he made the dust fly in the valley last night at the Twin Cities Raceway Park!


Photos from the Twin Cities Raceway Park Practice 3.18.16

Hunter Perry (14 years Old) car# 33, sponsor - Drain Master, Tony Ogle!

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