Let's Go Racin' 

      Fanfare and Promotions

The Hornets are joining the TQ's in Greensburg on September 26 and 27. I met Hornet driver Jaden Eldora Mayhan (16 yrs Old) at the track last night. Talk about brave, he jumped in a Hornet started racing before even had his permit to drive a licensed vehicle. Yes, he was named after the Eldora race track. His parents met there. Jaden has a good mentor Jerry Adams, 2x Super Stock Champ is his step-father. 

Hey Race Fans, meet Rob Walton he drives to Indiana from KY to race TQ's! His eyes and smile light up when you talk racing with him. This racer is a first generation racer. I think I will nickname him the Lone Racer! He doesn't mind that his family roots are not racing and that they do not love it like he does. He takes off to the track all by himself in order to jump in the drivers seat for white knuckle action. Make it a point to look for this racer at the Greensburg Fall Nationals he will be a joy to chat with! I hope to get an interview with him again soon, my recorder ate the last one:(

Chances are that if you have been to the Twin Cities race track in the last 41 years, you know this racer, Willie Sallee better known as Popcorn. I am not sure how old the track is but I do know that Willie has been racing for 41 years! 

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  • Ralph Lane 1:41

This page was to be full of interviews from Twin Cities the night of September 5, 2015. But,  racers I now know how you feel when you blow an engine. 

When I got ready to edit the interviews for this page I discovered that my recorder had failed me.  Most files were not available for download.  The only two that were available are  Matt Hedrick's and Ralph Lane's.  My recorder flashes file error on all the other interviews, they are there but it won't let me download them.  This had never happened in all of the years of interviews.  But, I will buy a new recorder or two, and we will do it again.  All the things you wish you could have said, you will get a chance to and all of the things you wish you would have not, well no one will know now!

Driver Callie Wolsiffer joined the big boys for some dirt slinging last night. Pictured here with Jordan Hewitt, Miranda Ryle and Gunner her beloved pet. Callie joined Ron Combs and Stewart racing this year. She does not having a problem showing the big boys how to get around the track, she lead for several laps.

Rick Robinson the promoter at Twin Cities Raceway invited the TQ's to come and race, and that they did with 30  TQ's in attendance!    The Hornets, Crate Late Models and Pure Stocks filled the pits and provided non stop action for the fans!  

I knew Corey Eaglin was fast, but I didn't know the secret to his success until I found out who his assistant is! His daughter was the busiest pit crew member that I ran across last night. His patience with her was truly a beautiful thing to witness. Here he is trying to get his car race ready and he still took time to make her feel like she was the most important thing in his life. Corey you are a winner in more ways than one!

Handsome, Personality and FAST! That is what you are have here in Robbie Roland # 15G car owner 15X Champion Terry Goff knew what he had when he put Robbie in as driver for his TQ. Congratulations to the Goff team for their Heat win at Twin Cities last night. Robbie fought hard to take the lead from Rick Robinson but he got the job done. Robbie won, Rick Robinson #12 second with Tate Martz #22 from Rushville trying to close in with a 3rd place finish at the Twin Cities track! Robbie leads in points for the UMRA KIng of TQ Midgets for the 2015 season.

Tate Martz #22 - Tate has been around TQ's for as long as he can remember. Tony Stewart lived with his family in Rushville and raced with the Martz family. Not long after Tony moved on up, Tate slid into the drivers seat. I was fortunate enough to witness and interview him after his first TQ win at the Osgood track. I think that is a win that Roger Ramsey car owner will never forget. Tate was only breaking into his successful TQ career at that point. Many years have passed since that first TQ win and he has claimed many wins since. But, interviewing with him last night was like old times! Great to see you Tate!

Matt Hedrick #33 this interview was at Twin Cities during the TQ heat races, he went on to win the feature, he is on a roll, just came off a win win win weekend with Fast Time, Heat and Feature win at Jackson Michigan the previious weekend